The Credit Union will be closed February 19, 2024 in observance of President's Day.      

About Harrison County FCU

 At your credit union you can build your savings and have cash put in your hands with fast and simple loan procedures. What’s more we make saving and borrowing the credit union way more attractive than at other financial institutions.

What Is A Federal Credit Union

 A Federal Credit Union is a group of people with common interest or a “Common Bond” who band themselves together for the purpose of solving their money worries. The object of a Credit Union is a unique financial service for its members. Credit Unions are chartered by the state, provincial or federal government, and are incorporated under credit union law. The charters differ in some details, but they all provide for the same basic services. Everyone in the field of membership is eligible to join the Credit Union.

 The credit union members elect a Board of Directors annually to manage the credit union. Loan officers are appointed to review loan applications and a Supervisory Committee is appointed to make sure the credit union is being run sufficiently. The government (NCUA) also sends it examiners to the credit union at least annually for a review.

 The credit union gives you convenient, profitable savings services. Dividends are declared quarterly and credited to the member’s accounts on a quarterly basis. Statements are mailed to credit union members semi-annually. Your savings are insured up to $250,000.00 by the National Credit Union Administration. (NCUA)

 Borrowing from the credit union is certainly a simple procedure. Applicants must provide proof of income along with filling out a loan application; knowledgeable staff will always be available to assist you with the process. If the debtor qualifies most loans can be approved, processed and disbursed within a day.


  1. An individual may join the Harrison County FCU if they live or work in Harrison County. There is a minimum balance requirement in your savings of $25.00 at all times to maintain your membership. If a member chooses to close his/her savings account, there will be an eighteen month waiting period to be eligible to reopen. Individuals that have opened and closed accounts after 3 times will not be eligible to reopen an account.

  2. If a member deposits or cashes a check at the credit union and this check is returned NSF or any reason, there is a $35.00 fee for the returned check.

  3. The credit union holds the right to put a “HOLD” on credit card checks or any out of state or out of town checks to be deposited in a members credit union account with a possible 10 business day hold.

Contact Us

315 Buckhannon Pike
Nutter Fort, WV 26301

Phone (304) 622-3780

Office Hours
Drive Thru: 8:00 am- 4:00 pm
Lobby: 8:30 am- 3:30 pm

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